Trusted Brand | Our Value Proposition

Their team “possesses a unique balance of technical, business, interpersonal and leadership skills. Their entrepreneurial orientation and collaborative style enable their team to be an effective catalyst for change. They are customer focused, value conscious, strategically minded, and capable of delivering results that make a positive difference.” – CAE, $4B multinational

Five Promises | Trusted Technology Risk Management Advisors

Get the quality services you expect or we’ll pay you back.
It’s that simple. If we didn’t meet the commitments we agreed in the engagement letter – let us know where we fell short – and name a fair price. We will refund the difference.

We leverage clearly defined processes and software solutions to better advise our clients.
Risk3sixty’s management-level consulting team leverages deep industry experience and unique technology solutions to enhanced risk visibility, reduce the burdens of compliance, and create actionable programs enabling executives and their management teams to make better decisions. Our processes are clearly articulated and consistent helping ensure quality service on every project.

Our people are fantastic consultants.
Our consultants have been on the forefront of security and compliance projects, run consulting practices, and even led our men and women in uniform. We have business acumen, technical know-how, and the experience to to communicate complex subject matter to key stakeholders.

100% of our projects are related to IT Audit, Risk, and Compliance. That’s all we do.
Rising compliance cost, data breaches and cyber-security threats, client confidence, competitive advantage – these are business problems our experienced professional’s mange every day. We understand that the role of technology is to benefit the business and with this understanding have the unique ability to interpret and communicate IT risk in a business context.

100% of our projects are staffed by experienced professionals. No bait and switch.
We staff every project with the same experienced professionals that deliver proposals and show up to management meetings. We know that quality results come from outstanding execution so every member of our team leads project execution.