Securing Corporate Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

The set of controls and conditions IT auditors look for during assessments of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) tends to vary auditor to auditor. In some cases, the IT auditor may make great suggestions for controls I have not seen many organizations put into place while in other cases, the auditor might point out the absence[…]

Google’s Data Centers: Speaking of Physical and Environmental Security

My previous posts on physical and environmental security controls covered a gamut of security measures to protect data and facilities. Then I ran across this video from Google’s data center and it looks like they have more than a few of those controls in place. BONUS:¬†Here’s a link to Google’s presentation on “Fighting Common Web[…]

Performing an Environmental Security Audit

Environmental Security audits are designed to ensure that data and information technology infrastructure are protected from environmental dangers that might cause harm to critical data or I.T. infrastructure. That includes protecting server racks from fire or overly humid conditions in a data center or even backup generators in the event of a power outage. Environmental¬†Security[…]