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We hear it all the time. We take quality to another level.

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Values Driven | Freedom Through Service

Live with passion and purpose. This aspiration is the foundation for what makes risk3sixty different. We are a team that seeks passion and purpose in everything we do. A passion for serving our clients and solving tough problems, serving each other, and creating the freedom to forge paths toward success for both ourselves and our clients.


Tenacity, a relentless pursuit, passion, and persistence.
Outstanding achievement is not the result of raw talent, but passionate persistence and endurance. Internal motivation, focused effort, and dogged determination.


Consistent, firm, and adherence to the code.
Consistent and reliable in word, action, and behavior. Authentic and uncompromising values that result in lasting relationships based upon earned trust over time.


Master tradesmen who produce uncommon quality in work product.
Deliberate practice over time allows one to master the craft. As expertise forms, the resulting work product achieves uncommon quality – precision, insight, simplicity, durability, and value. Through immersive, energized focus, the Craftsman finds pleasure in their trade.


The earned opportunity to do or not to do. To forge one’s path.
The opportunity to innovate, to take ownership, and stand by the results. To act on opportunity and learn quickly from success or failure. To pursue a chosen craft and benefit as a member of risk3sixty.


Continuity in purpose and action.
Motivation beyond the self, extending beyond one’s own welfare, to a group of individuals pursuing a shared vision, goals and purpose.

Forging the Modern Craftsman

Developing the industry’s top information security and compliance professionals.

Build Mission Critical Security Programs

Our professionals have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovate technology firms on the planet to build world class security and compliance programs.

Embrace the Phalanx

Every member must perform – not for themselves – but to support the person to their left and to their right. Individual actions that support the goals of the team. This is the phalanx – this is how we operate at risk3sixty.

The Guild – Where Consultants Become Great

Iron sharpens iron! Our team is passionate about what we do, and we challenge each other to hone our craft. We invest in our people and train them to be the best at what they do. Training is a key component of our team building process and in how we develop craftsmen.

We’ve Got Grit

100 miles relay races, ruck hikes through the North Georgia mountains, helping clients meet tight deadlines, and inventing new solutions.

Exceptional Pay and Benefits

Our professionals receive competitive compensation and best in class benefits, to include unlimited paid time off, 401k matching, healthcare, gadget budgets, paid training, annual team off-site, and much more.

Freedom to Innovate

We have created an environment where craftsmen have the freedom to do what they do best. Freedom to innovate, to invent, to serve clients, their community, and their families.

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