Audit and Compliance Workflow Platform

Our clients have securely transferred over 1,000,000 documents using inview.

Improve efficiency of audits and compliance projects by simplifying document and artifact requests with workflows, alerting and dashboarding.

Dynamic PBC Lists

  • Create dynamic request lists.
  • Import existing spreadsheets.
  • Create templates and roll-forward.
  • Send and receive documents.

Track Engagements

  • Track the progress of requests.
  • Monitor the interaction of your team on any given document.
  • Track information requests via real time updates to dynamic dashboards.

Manage Your Team

  • Manage assignments across multiple projects or engagements.
  • Monitor the progress of projects and engagements in real-time.
  • Create automated reminders and status reports for members of the team.

State of the Art Security

  • All data protected by AES 256-bit encryption in-transit and at-rest.
  • Encrypted backups transmitted securely offsite daily.
  • AICPA SOC 2 compliant Data Centers.
  • Real-time infrastructure monitoring protected by Intrusion Detection Systems.

Roll Forward Audits with One Click

Annul audit and compliance requirements are made easy with audit cloning and roll-forward. No more copy and paste excel spreadsheets or lost knowledge.

Status Report & Notifications

Automate status reports to leadership and notification to owners to keep the audit moving forward on a time and without the burden of endless email back-and-forth.

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