If your Company is being audited for the first time here’s a few things that should make the process easier and dare I say…valuable. An audit isn’t just about regulations anymore, it’s about process improvement, security, and organizational governance. Auditors shouldn’t be a burden, but rather consultants who can provide valuable insight into the performance and operations of your Company. Here’s a guide to make sure that happens.


1. The Value of Audit: Changing your mind about the audit

2. The Right Team
2.1 – How to select and audit firm (or consultant)
2.2 – How to select qualified consultants
2.3 – How to Reduce Audit and Consulting Fees

3. The Audit
3.1 – The Audit Schedule: Planning for an Audit
3.2 – Audit Techniques: What you can expect during an audit
3.3 – The Information Request List: How to Provide Information to Auditors
3.4 – Five things that make an audit easier

Note: This guide is a living document and will continue to grow as we add posts.

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