What SOC 2 Updates to COSO 2013 Mean for You (Whitepaper)

Beginning December 15, 2018, (with optional adoption beginning April 2017) all SOC 2 reports will be required to utilize the updated Trust Services Criteria. The updated trust services criteria are an update to align with the seventeen COSO 2013 framework principles.

If you would like to download the complete whitepaper please send us a note.

Key Updates

1| Updates to SOC 2 Criteria to align with 17 COSO 2013 Requirements.
2| At least 6 areas where you might have gaps.
3| New emphasis on third party risk management
4| Clarity on aligning risk assessment with business objectives
5| Specificity around quality data to support internal control
6| Engagement from top level leadership (including the Board of Directors)

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